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Welcome to Botanical Bubble. We at Botanic Bubble love special houseplants and cuttings like no other. What started years ago as a fun hobby in a small apartment has now grown into a true botanical jungle. From Monsteras to Calatheas and from Syngoniums to Philodendrons. You’ll find it at Botanic Bubble!

Our passion has led to the start of the webshop, which we enjoy spending our free time on. We hope you are just as enthusiastic and can expand your botanic jungle with beautiful acquisitions. We are regularly on the road to find the most beautiful plants, for ourselves but now also for you!

Grower, auction, garden center, living room: most plants go through this journey before they reach your home. With Botanic Bubble we deliver the plants directly from our own nursery in the Netherlands. We grow all plants available in our webshop ourselves. Everything you need for your own botanical bubble!

Rare plant shop

Rare plants are often the hidden gems in the plant world. At Botanic Bubble we make this search a little easier. You can simply buy these eccentric houseplants from us! The rare houseplants that you buy in our online plant shop are very easy to care for. We provide the necessary information for each plant to grow your green friends.

Rare plant shop

In our webshop you can buy different types of rare plants. One is a bit rarer than the other. Every week we strive to place new plants on our website. The collection of rare plants that you can buy in our online plant shop contains several unique species, such as the Monstera Adansonii Variegata, Philodendron White Knight or the Syngonium Albo Variegata. These plants are extraordinary and eccentric, but this does not necessarily mean that they are more difficult to care for. If you want a colorful plant, a Philodendron Pink Princess might be something for you. It is characterized by beautiful pink tones in the leaves. When you buy our rare plants online, you bring a unique piece of greenery into your home.

Botanic Bubble has the rare houseplants you are looking for! You can buy them in our online plant shop. We deliver them throughout Europe. Since rare plants need good care to remain in the best conditions, we ensure that they arrive fresh at your doorstep. That is why we supply them directly from our own nursery. If you are missing a specific plant in our collection, please let us know. We do our very best to find it for you. If you have other questions and/or comments about our collection, the website or anything else, we would like to hear from you. You can best reach us via or fill in the contact form on the contact page.

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So, pick your favorite plants, place an order online and grow your home into your personal Botanic Jungle!