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Find here the most Frequently Asked Question about our plants, shipping and payment. Can your question not be found here? Contact us via mail.


How is the height of the plant measured?

We measure the plants from head to toe. This means that we measure the plant from the bottom of the pot to the highest leaf.

What if there is something wrong with my plant?

If there is something wrong with your plant, for example : When the leaves are turning brown or the leaves are hanging, you can always call us and send us some pictures of your plant. This way we can see for ourself and possibly see where the problem lies. Plants that are not doing well can have several causes, such as location, watering, etc.

Help! The lower leaves of my plant are dying.

Fortunately, in most cases there is nothing bad here. The bottom leaves are the oldest leaves, the ones that grew first. They will therefore be the first to turn ugly and die. This is a natural growth process of the plant. With the right care, new leaves will grow in their place and replace themselves.

In what kind of pot will my plant be delivered?

All plants are delivered in their growing pot, unless otherwise stated on the product page.

Where can I submit my complaint?

Do you have a complaint or are you not happy with how your order arrived? You can e-mail us at info@botanic-bubble.com. We will process your complaint and contact you as soon as possible.


Does Botanic Bubble deliver outside the Netherlands?

Yes we do! We ship through whole Europe. Please keep in mind that the delivery time may vary slightly from each country.

What are the delivery charges for my order?

Below is a list of the delivery costs by country.

  • The Netherlands €2,95 (above €30 delivery costs are free)
  • Norway €20,19
  • Belgium €2,95
  • Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland,     Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovania, Slovakia, Switzerland €23,50
  • Denmark €14,99
  • France €13,99
  • Italy (excluded San Marino and Vatican City) €14,99
  • Luxembourg €10,99
  • Austria €14,50
  • Portugal €17,29
  • Spain €17,29
  • Sweden €18,00
  • United Kingdom €14,99

Can my order be delivered to a different delivery address?

Yes, this is possible. When you indicate that the billing address is different from the delivery address, you can fill in the receiving details here. We do not supply the invoice in your order, this way the recipient will not see any payment details.

How will my order be packed?

Your order will ofcourse be packed with care. Each plant is delivered in it’s growing pot, unless otherwise stated. Special shipping boxes are designed for all our plants. The plants are firmly placed in the box and cannot move, so they can be neatly delivered to your home.

Can i stay informed about special offers and interesting facts?

Yes, you can stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter. You can find the link down on the right corner of our website.


Can I pay Safely?

Yes, you can pay safely with all kinds of cards, want to know more? For more information check the security page from Mollie.