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De calathea Network komt van oorsprong uit het tropsiche Zuid-Amerika. This plant can be recognised by its green/yellow unique leaves. The markings on the leaves are unique and make the plant a real eye-catcher.

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Facts and details about the Calathea Network to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
Plant delivered in cultivation pot
Once a year
Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

About the Calathea Network

The calathea Network is native to tropical South America.  The plant can be recognised by its unique green/yellow leaves. The drawing on it is unique on each leaf, which makes you look at it for hours.


Care and tips for the Network

Put the plant in a place where it can enjoy the shade from time to time. The Calathea likes the sun, but does not want to be in direct contact with it or in the shade for too long. The plant also likes to be watered regularly.


Watering this exclusive plant

The plant loves small amount of water several times. When watering the plant, first feel whether the plant needs water. Make sure that the plant does not get too much water, otherwise root rot may occur. The plant should also not be given too little water, because otherwise its leaves will droop.


Standing place Calathea Network

The Calathea Network does not like to be in direct sunlight or in the sun for too long. Place the plant in a spot with indirect sunlight and that the plant can also enjoy shade.


Is this plant toxic?

Yes, this plant is toxic. Be careful with children and animals.


How is my Network shipped?

All Calathea plant species we sell come fresh from the grower. We pack them with care in specially made boxes. This way the plant is well and safely packed, to be delivered at your home. Order your unique houseplant quickly and easily at Botanic Bubble.

2 reviews for Calathea Network | 15Ø

  1. Stefan

    Wow! What a beautiful plant and excellent shipping method. The plant was securely packed in a box, in which it cannot fall over or be damaged. The potting soil was quite wet, but maybe we did this on purpose in case the post takes longer than planned. Other than that, really fantastic and completely happy with my new Calathea White Fusion!

  2. Victoria Grapsidou (verified owner)

    I really appreciate the amazing way of packaging and shipping this beautiful plant! It’s been a week since delivery and my white fusion seems totally fine!! Thank you guys at Botanical Bubble for the professionalism you practice ! You realy love and value plants and your customers!!

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