Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata | 12 Ø


Epiprenmum Pinnatum Variegata is a real climber. This is also reflected in its name ‘epi’ (up) and ‘Premnum’ (trunk). It is an easy plant to maintain and is now even more exclusive due to its variegated leaf colours.

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Facts and details about the Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
Plant delivered in cultivation pot
Once a year
Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

Everything about the Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata

The Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata is a gem from our range. The plant has an unique leaf. The plant has green-variegated leaves and beautiful characteristic crevices. It is an easy plant to maintain. If you do not place it in direct sunlight and water it gradually, you will be able to enjoy it to the full.


Care and tips for the Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata

The plant likes to see the sun every now and then, but it must be indirect sunshine. The plant also likes to be given a little water regularly. This ensures that the plant will grow optimally.


Watering this exclusive plant

In order for the plant to grow ideally, you should water it a little at a time. This way it can drink little by little instead of a lot at once. Always check first whether the soil is still moist enough or not. If the soil is a little dry, you can water the plant again. When the soil is still wet it is better to wait a while before watering. If the plant gets too much water, root rot can occur.


Standing place Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata

In our experience, this plant likes to be in a place with indirect sunlight. This ensures that the plant can grow optimally.


Is this plant toxic?

Yes, unfortunately this plant is poisonous. So always make sure that the plant is placed in a place where children and animals cannot reach it.


Buying a Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata

All Epipremnum plant species we sell come fresh from the grower. We pack them with care in specially made boxes. This way the plant is well and safely packed, to be delivered at your home. Order your unique houseplant quickly and easily at Botanic Bubble.

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