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The Philodendron White Knight is an plant from the Araceae family. The name of the Philodendron says it all: ‘Philo’ (love). Because of its exclusive leaves, everyone falls in love with this plant.

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Facts and details about the Philodendron White Knight to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
Plant delivered in cultivation pot
Once a year
Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

Everything about the Philodendron White Knight

With its large leaf shape, deep red stems and white-colored variegated leaves, this Philodendron White Knight is a unique houseplant. The Philodendron White Knight is extremely difficult to grow. The colored parts of the leaf do not contain chlorophyll, the substance with which the plant receives light and converts it into energy. This energy is used for photosynthesis. Due to its colored leaves, the Philodendron itself produces less energy.


Care and tips for the Philodendron White Knight

The White Knight needs some extra care. Make sure it is half-light to light, without direct sunlight. This plant should also be kept out of draft.


Watering this exclusive plant

The Philodendron likes moist soil, but it should not remain wet for too long. Too much water can flood the roots and cause root rot. It is best to feel the soil when the plant needs water. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, you can water less the next time. If the soil is very dry after a few days, you can water more the next time.


Standing place of the Philodendron White Knight

The White Knight likes a semi-light to light position, without direct sun. The plant should also not be in a draft.


Is this plant  toxic?

This Philodendron is not poisonous. We do advise to watch out for ingestion by children and pets.


Buying a White Knight

All White Knight species we sell come fresh from the grower. We pack them with care in specially made boxes. This way the plant is well and safely packed, to be delivered at your home. Order your unique Philodendron houseplant quickly and easily at Botanic Bubble.

2 reviews for Philodendron White Knight | 15 Ø

  1. Lea

    A beautiful plant that arrived at me in excellent condition. Many Thanks.

  2. Jenny (verified owner)

    most beautiful White Knight out there. absolutely recommend!

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