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The Philodendron is actually a real climber. In nature, the plant quickly climbs upwards thanks to its aerial roots. The Philodendron Yellow Violin can be recognised by its yellow leaves that resemble a violin.

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Facts and details about the Philodendron Yellow Violin to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
Plant delivered in cultivation pot
Once a year
Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

Everything about the Philodendron Yellow Violin

The Philodendron Bipennifolium Aurea is also known as the ”Yellow Violin”. This tropical plant comes from Asia. The name of the plant says it all, it has yellow leaves and it looks like a violin.


Care and Tips for the Philodendron Yellow Violin

Philodendron Yellow Violin does not do well in direct sunlight. Make sure that the plant is placed in a spot where it gets its rays, but not directly in the sun.


Watering this exclusive plant

The Yellow Violin needs a normal amount of water. If you give too much water, the plant may even die. Always feel if the pot is not too moist before watering. If the soil is still a little damp or dry, you can water the plant again. Also make sure that the plant does not get too little water. The plant does not like that either.


Standing place Philodendron Yellow Violin

Place the plant in a place where it gets plenty of sunlight, but make sure it is not in direct sunlight. If the plant has direct contact with the sun, it is possible that the leaves will burn. It is also important not to place the plant in the shade. This may cause the plant to migrate towards the light.


Is this plant toxic?

Yes, the plant is poisonous, so make sure to place the plant in an animal-friendly and child-friendly spot.


Buying a Philodendron Yellow Violin

All Philodendron plant species we sell come fresh from the grower. We pack them with care in specially made boxes. This way the plant is well and safely packed, to be delivered at your home. Order your unique houseplant quickly and easily at Botanic Bubble.

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