Piper Silvaticum | 12 Ø


The Piper Sylvaticum is an air-purifying plant which belongs to the Piperaceae family, also known as the pepper family.

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Facts and details about the Piper Silvaticum to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
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Water when soil is dry
Height: 20cm

Specifications, tips and information

Everything you need to know about the Piper Silvaticum

The Piper Sylvaticum is an air-purifying, spicy plant from the Piperaceae family, also known as the Paprika family. The plant is a real climber and grows in Northeast India and China. Here the leaves are pureed and used as an anti-inflammatory. The plant is characterized by its spotted, heart-shaped leaves with small sugary granules on the leaf.


Care and tips for the Piper Silvaticum

The Piper Sylvaticum is not difficult to care for. It is an indoor plant that likes a light spot without direct sunlight. The plant needs average water. The soil can remain slightly moist or even a little drier before watering again.


Watering this exclusive plant

The soil of the Piper Sylvaticum may be slightly moist or even slightly dry before watering again. The water requirement is sensed per plant. We therefore recommend that you feel with your fingers up to the knuckles how the ground feels here. If this is very dry after 5 days, you can give some extra water the next time. If the soil is still very wet after 5 days, we recommend giving a little less the next time. This is to prevent root rot.


Standing place of the Piper Silvaticum

The Piper Sylvaticum can be placed in a light place, without direct sunlight. When the plant is in full direct sunlight, the leaves will burn.

Is this plant toxic?

The Piper Sylvaticum is not irritating to the touch. However, we recommend to be careful with ingestion by small children and pets.


How is my exclusive plant shipped?

This houseplant is delivered in a cultivation pot. Special shipping boxes are designed for all our plants. The house plants stand firmly in the box and cannot go anywhere, so that they can be neatly delivered to your home.

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