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The Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis belongs to the Araceae family. Originally, this plant is found in the tropical rainforests, where it is a real climber. The plant is often found on the trunk of a tree.

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Facts and details about the Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
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Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

About the Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis

.Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis originates from Asia. The plant grows there in the tropical rainforests. The plant is a real climber, as it often grows on the trunk of a tree.


Care and tips for the Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis

Place Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis in a light spot with indirect sunlight. The plant also likes a moist soil, so check several times a week whether it needs watering. Give the plant small amounts of water to prevent root rot.


Watering this exclusive plant

It is very important that the plant never gets dry. The result can be that the leaves start drooping. In addition, the plant should not be too wet, as this may cause it to rot. So check several times a week whether the plant is moist enough.


The Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis and light requirement

This plant likes to have indirect contact with the sun. This is important for the plant to be able to grow optimally. It is very important that the plant is not in direct contact with the sun, otherwise the leaves may burn.


Is this plant toxic?

This plant is poisonous, so watch out with small children and animals.


How is my Rhaphidophora Hongkongensis shipped?

This exclusive plant is delivered in a cultivation pot. Special shipping boxes are designed for all our plants. The house plants stand firmly in the box and cannot go anywhere, so that they can be neatly delivered to your home.

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