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The Syngonium Mottled plant is a special type of Syngonium species. This plant is very strong and stands out because of its beautiful leaf pattern that can vary from green to white. If you want to keep the markings of the leaves beautiful, we advise you to put the plant on a light spot. The Syngonium Mottled plant can be used as a hanging plant but also likes to climb up a moss stick.

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Facts and details about the Syngonium Mottled to take good care of it.

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Change pot once a year
Plant delivered in cultivation pot
Once a year
Water when soil is dry
Height: 30cm

Specifications, tips and information

General information about the Syngonium Mottled

The Syngonium Mottled plant originates from the tropical rainforests of South America.

The plant has arrow-shaped leaves with a beautiful leaf pattern. The leaf markings of the Syngonium will be beautifully preserved by sufficient sunlight, but please note: no direct sunlight.

If there is a lot of direct sunlight shining on the Syngonium Mottled plant, the leaves will burn and become unsightly.
Place the Syngonium Mottled plant on a light spot, without any direct sunlight.

Make sure the soil of the plant always stays moist, but alsno make sure that the plant is not overwatered. This can cause root rot and the plant will not survive it.


Care and tips for the Syngonium Mottled

Place the Syngonium Mottled plant on a spot in normal daylight. The Syngonium plant will not tolerate direct sunlight and will stop the developing of new leaves and colours.

The soil may always stay a little moist. We also recommend always feeling the soil with your fingers. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, then you should water less next time to avoid root rot.


Watering the Syngonium Mottled

The soil of the Syngonium Mottled may always stay a little moist. Also, the plant likes to be sprayed regularly. We also recommend always feeling the soil with your fingers. If the soil is still very wet after a few days, then you should water less next time.


Standing place of the Syngonium Mottled

The best location for the Syngonium Mottled plant is on a spot in normal daylight without direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause burned leaves and stop the growth of new leaves and their colours. If the Syngonium Mottled plant gets too little daylight, it will show you by kind of shrinking and curling up the leaves. If this is the case, we recommend moving the plant to a brighter spot with more daylight. The plant will then recover by itself.


Is this plant toxic?

Yes, the Syngonium Mottled plant is toxic!  Please be careful with pets and children as they take a bite of the leaves. Therefore, place the plant in a child and animal-friendly place.


Common ailments of the Syngonium Mottled plant

Yellow leaves
Yellow leaves can be a sign of the plant to tell you it has given too much water.
In this case we advise you to give a little less water each time than you did before.

Are the leaves yellow on the bottom of the Syngonium Mottled plant? Then it could just as well be old age of the lower leaves. The lowest leaves are the ones that grew first. So they will also be the one to die first. With the right care, new leaves will grow from the middle instead.

Curly, dry leaves
Curled and dry leaves can be a sign of too little water. In this case, you can feel into the soil with your fingers to see if it is really dry down here. If this is the case, you can water your plants a little more each time you water them.

Mould on the potting soil
Is there mould on the potting soil? No worries, this is actually a good sign!
Mould can already be in the potting soil. Potting soil consists of a large part of naturally decomposed material. A warm living room and frequently watering the plant can bring the present mould to life. This may look a little dirty, but it is actually very good for the plant. Why? The plant gets extra nutrients from the mould to continue growing nicely; totally for free!


How is my exclusive plant shipped?

This exclusive plant is delivered in a cultivation pot. Special shipping boxes are designed for all our plants. The house plants stand firmly in the box and cannot go anywhere, so that they can be neatly delivered to your home.

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